Stainless Steel Drinker – different sizes


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Poultry waterers made entirely of high strength and durability stainless steel, available in different capacities to be used on the ground or suspended at the desired height.

Poultry farming in all its forms, whether for nutritional use (meat eggs), ornamental or simply agricultural, requires products of consistently superior quality, with an attractive design, comfortable handling and which contribute to improving animal welfare. Based on these ideas, launches a new range of stainless steel fountains on the market.- Resistant to oxidation and shocks
– Dimensionally stable against extreme temperatures, even frost
– Unfading against ultraviolet rays, preventing the creation of eggs in the water
– Convenience in filling by its funnel-shaped base
– Versatility for its different sizes, capacities and being able to hang at the desired height
– Ease of cleaning and disinfection allowing the use of aggressive products without deterioration



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